S3 ComputingDatabases Assignment

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Now that you have done your assessment and hopefully done very well in it (!), your next assessment comes in the form of an assignment.

This assignment is at designed to assess at Level 5.

Create the database

The World of PCs near Haddington that wishes to list all of it's products and recent sales using a database.

The tables for the database are shown below:


productID ProductName Price Picture QuantityInStock Reorder
1 Core i9 9900K £299.99 Picture 13 No
2 Core i5 10600K £109.99 Picture 99 No
3 AMD Ryzen 2700X £59.99 Picture 2 Yes
4 Corsair HX850i PSU £139.99 Picture 27 No
5 1x 8GB Corsair Dominator DDR4 RAM £39.99 Picture 1000 No

For the Products table, the following assumptions can be made:

  • There are more than 3 product records in this database - this is a snapshot of the whole database.
  • The Reorder field becomes Yes when the QuantityInStock field is 10 or less.


orderID productID QuantityPurchased
1 3 1
1 5 2
1 4 1
2 3 9

For the Orders table, the following assumptions can be made:

  • The orderID is not an auto incrementing (auto ID) value and just an assigned number.
  1. Create a database with both tables in it. Ensure you use suitable data types for each field, including calculations. 5 marks
  2. Create a relationship between the two tables. 1 mark
  3. Create form for the Products table. 2 marks
  4. Create and save a query that will find all information on all products that we ordered with the orderID of 1. 2 marks
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